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A fairly comprehensive list of releases.


Title Format Catalogue Number Release Date Chart Position
Titanic/To You 7" UGLY16 01/11/1999  
Twist/86TV's 7" UGLY17 14/02/2000  
Twist/86TV's CD AMOUR4D 01/05/2000  
Dark Star 7" AMOUR9S 26/02/2001  
Dark Star CD AMOUR9D 26/02/2001 90
Natural History LP AMOUR5LP 26/03/2001  
Natural History CD AMOUR5CD 26/03/2001 119
Morning Rain 7" AMOUR11S 25/06/2001  
Morning Rain CD AMOUR11D 25/06/2001 94
Untitled #1 7" ECS134 24/03/2003 101
Life In A Day 7" ECS140 09/06/2003  
Life In A Day CD1 ECSCD140 09/06/2003  
Life In A Day CD2 ECSCD140X 09/06/2003 43
3 Feet Tall 7" ECS143 08/09/2003  
3 Feet Tall CD1 ECSCD143 08/09/2003  
3 Feet Tall CD2 ECSCD143X 08/09/2003 46
I Am Kloot White LP ECHLP46A 15/09/2003  
I Am Kloot Black LP ECHLP46 15/09/2003  
I Am Kloot CD ECHCD46 15/09/2003 68
From Your Favourite Sky Ltd. CD ECSCD138 22/03/2004  
From Your Favourite Sky Download ECSCD138 21/03/2004 - HERE  
Proof Download   21/06/2004  
Over My Shoulder CD ECSCD160 21/03/2005  
Over My Shoulder 7"  ECS160  21/03/2005   
Over My Shoulder  7" ECX160 21/03/2005  38 

Gods And Monsters LP ECHCD62 11/04/2005
Gods And Monsters CD  ECHLP62  11/04/2005   
Gods And Monsters  CD&DVD ECHDV62 11/04/2005  74

Maybe I Should Ltd. CD Skinny14CD 21/11/2005  
Maybe I Should Download Skinny14 21/11/2005  
Maybe I Should Ltd. 7" Skinny14V 21/11/2005 128 

BBC Radio 1 John Peel Sessions CD Skinny16CD 30/10/2006  

I Am Kloot Play Moolah Rouge  CD  Skinny18CD  24/11/2007

B CD Skinny20CD 05/10/2009
B LP 556.A003.012 05/10/2009

Sky At Night CD SM002 05/07/2010 24
Sky At Night LP SM004 05/07/2010

Title Format Catalogue Number   Info
4 Track Sampler CD -   Only 50 Pressed
86 TV's (Radio Mix) CD SA 6519   European Promo
Morning Rain Promo VHS     Dur: 3'22"
Natural History Promo CD AMOUR5CDPR   Jewel Case
Natural History (Japanese Version) CD -   Tracklisting Here
Untitled #1 promo CD RADCD134   Inc. Radio Edit, The Mermen & Full Length Version
From Your Favourite Sky promo CD RADCD138   1 Track
Life In A Day promo VHS     Duration: 2'49"
Life In A Day promo 7" ECS140   White Label b/w This House Is Haunted
Life In A Day promo 12" ECDJ140   1 track White Label
4 Track Album Sampler CD ECSCD141   Life In A Day, Cuckoo, Here For The World, Sold As Seen
I Am Kloot album promo CD ECHPR46   Cardboard Sleeve
3 Feet Tall promo CD RADCD143   1 Track
Proof promo CD  RADCD152    1 Track Radio Edit
Over My Shoulder promo CD RADCD160   1 Track, Card Sleeve
Gods And Monsters 12"  ECDJ62   4 Track Sampler
Gods And Monsters sampler CD     5 Track Sampler
Gods And Monsters promo CD ECHPR62   B&W Cardboard Sleeve
Gods And Monsters Remix 12" ECSDJ167   Remixed by Two Lone Swordsmen, Vocal and Fuzztramental mixes
I Believe Promo


1 Track, Card Sleeve 
We Love You, So Love Us CD AMOUR1CD   Inc. 'To You'
We Love You, So Love Us Too CD AMOUR4CD   Inc. 'Over My Shoulder'
We Love Yule CD/7" AMOUR7D/AMOUR7S   Inc. 'Sunlight  Hits The Snow'
Cohesion CD CV0001    Manchester charity record for Kosovo, inc. 'Twist'
A Quiet Riot CD PIASX024CD   Inc. 'To You'
Teachers 2: Back To School CD C4M00212    Inc. 'To You'
Teachers 3: A New Term CD C4M00252   Inc. 'Bigger Wheels'
Acoustic Vol. 1 CD ECV21   Inc. 'No Fear Of Falling'
Acoustic Vol. 2 CD ECV22   Inc. 'Morning Rain'
Acoustic Vol. 3 CD ECV23   Inc. 'Untitled #1'
Best Of Acoustic CD ECV24   Inc. 'Same Deep Water'

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